How I transformed


From a timid & unemployed creative to a Full-time Business Owner servicing brands & entrepreneurs through Photography.


Here’s my story…

Before building a fulfilling photography business & servicing entrepreneurs, the journey that led me to this moment all started 6 years ago…

Back in 2014, I was an unemployed college graduate that struggled to find a job. Unlike most successful entrepreneurs who quit their corporate jobs to chase their dream life, in my case, Corporate America wouldn’t give me a chance. I had over $50,000 of student loan debt, had no job leads & was rejected for every single position I applied for.

I felt lost, undervalued & like a failure.

Although what I was experiencing was a low point, my Faith never wavered. It brought me closer to discovering what my true calling was. I decided to shift my mindset & focus my efforts towards what was most important.

That was finding & fulfilling my true purpose.

At that moment, I stopped trying so hard to work for someone else & decided to become my own boss.

For as long as I could remember, I always wanted to build a thriving business of my own, acquire true fulfillment in every aspect of my life & help others do the same for themselves. However, I had no idea where to start or how to run a business. So I focused on what I was naturally gifted at & trades that peaked my interest. It took me a little over 2 years of trial & error & personal development to discover my entrepreneurial niche; which was photography.

I started learning photography in college during a photojournalism course. The craft came naturally to me & it quickly became a fun hobby of mine. It wasn’t until I pursued my first entrepreneurial venture of being a travel blogger that I realized this photography hobby of mine could be a source of income. While blogging, my viewers were more interested in my photography work instead of the travel content. Even people I knew personally would ask if I’d ever consider doing photoshoots. At the time I had no clue & to be frank, the idea of it scared me. 

The thought of doing photoshoots made me uncomfortable & I didn’t think I was good enough to pull it off successfully.

After contemplating for days, I received the confirmation I needed through a random photoshoot inquiry. One of my high-school classmates offered to book a photoshoot with me for her beauty blog. This came as a shock to me because I didn’t claim to be a photographer, her inquiry came out of nowhere & she was willing to pay me for my time. It was mind blowing! Here I was, a scary amateur photographer with no experience doing photoshoots. I didn’t have a photography brand, a website, portfolio, or pricing packages. All I had was my eye, my will & my entry-level DSLR camera. 

Little did I know that an $80 portrait session would transform my entire life.

Fast-forward 3 years later…

I evolved from a timid photography hobbyist that struggled to find jobs to now working full-time as a Professional Photographer & successfully operating my own company. 

I’m continuously growing my photography business. I have a loyal clientele that hires my company on a consistent basis. I no longer stress & worry about searching for work because I naturally attract fruitful opportunities. But most importantly, I’m more fulfilled personally & professionally.

Now I help others build towards their personal calling & dream career. Through my photoshoots, I highlight your natural gifts & passions. I understand the vision & mission you have for your dream career. I acknowledge your personal uniqueness & capture in a way others can grasp the value you provide. Overall, through my shoots it is y hope to be a key part of your journey towards building a fruitful brand that you’re proud of.

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What to Expect When You Book

Expect the following services when you book
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TMH Creative
TMH Creative

Photography Sessions

We specialize in capturing imagery that’s authentic, valuable & timeless. We shoot all forms of  lifestyle, branding, events, products, portraits & travel style shooting.

Brand Identity

One key strength of TMH Creative is being able to grasp the true essence of brands in order to successfully convey their intended mission from a visual standpoint.

Content Creation

After identifying your brand identity, we will now establish a solid foundation for your digital brand presence by creating intentional & high quality content.


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