I’m Taylor M. Hayden

Published Photographer, Visual Brand Strategist
& Creative Entrepreneur from Houston TX.

I have a strong passion for branding & all things visual. But most importantly, I love helping businesses & entrepreneurs identify what makes them unique & sharing that value through their dream profession.


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My career path has been a journey of unexpected twists & turns, but along the way, I discovered something about myself. My passion for entrepreneurship. Sure, we can all agree that running your own business has its obstacles. Some challenges are so strenuous to the point you want to give up & quit. To be frank, entrepreneurship is difficult, yet it’s the most rewarding journey.

Entrepreneurship not only comes with the freedom to make your own schedule, but it forces you to strive & persevere. You have no choice but to improve as a person. It also forces you to use your natural talents, discover hidden gifts, conquer fears all for the sake of growing a prosperous business. The beauty of entrepreneurship is the fact that it has its way of positioning you to transform an idea or natural ability into a product or skillset that people would pay for.

For instance, I started off as someone with a creative mind & a sense of practicality. I easily generated ideas, visualized the big picture & knew what steps to take in order for it to come to fruition. Additionally, I had an eye for aesthetics, a background in photography, experience in creating marketing materials & a passion for helping people. These were all natural abilities & interests I had. Later, I refined & transform them into the business I have today.

Through my company, TMH Creative, I’m able to be who I am, do what I enjoy & serve so many people. I am a Creative Entrepreneur & I help other Entrepreneurs profit off their gifts & make their business ideas come to fruition.

How do I accomplish this? It all boils down to purpose & value.

Why did you decide to start a business? What type of value do you provide? What problems does your company solve? Who are you helping? How can you simultaneously be yourself & serve other people? At TMH Creative, we identify what your purpose & value is based on your natural abilities. From there we devise a plan of action for you to share with those in need of what you’re providing. We develop & implement strategic visual marketing approaches intended to tell your brand story through imagery, bring forth awareness & connect with your target consumer.

Your ideas, talents, gifts & natural abilities are meant to be shared with others. We are committed to helping you determine the best & most effective way to share your special value, fulfill a mission & help others with your product &/or service.

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An Overview of Who We Are, What We Do & Who We Serve

Who We Are

We are a full-service creative agency that specializes in the development, strategy & visual components of business marketing. Our key strength is knowing how to convey messages & connect with audiences through imagery.

What We Do

We help businesses & entrepreneurs discover their unique brand identity, fulfill their mission & provide value to their target consumer. We accomplish this through visual storytelling, brand photography & content strategy.

Who We Serve

We focus primarily on serving brands, specifically within the Health & Wellness, Hospitality & Professional Service industries. We work with businesses at every level, ranging from solopreneurs, start-ups, mid-size companies to large corporations.


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