The TMH Creative Approach to Photography Sessions

Our sessions are intentionally curated to tell a story & capture the true essence of: who you are, your vision, your value  & profound moments. We capture all aspects of life that’s real, raw & relatable. This is the type of imagery that is considered timeless & it’s what people will cherish the most in the end. 

Before you book, we want to be honest & transparent with you from the start. If your intentions are solely surface based, unauthentic, seeking instant gratification &/or you’re only interested in getting more followers, then our photo sessions will not be the best fit for you.

We take pride in the work we create & are very mindful of where we choose to allocate our time. We aim to establish long-lasting relationships with our clients & it’s our goal to grow with them & their brand as it flourishes.

It is our mission to create imagery that’s either exact or exceeds the vision you had in mind. We are also very intentional while shooting so that your purpose is being met, your core audience is able to understand & gain value from the images we shoot. Overall, we are dedicated to producing content that will:

1. Contribute to your brand growth.

2. Converts into loyal customers & attract fruitful opportunities.

3. Enhances your professional image & brand presence.

4. Elevates your career to the level you always dreamt of being.

5. Fulfills your personal calling.

The world needs all your gifts, expertise, grand ideas, value & passion you have to offer. We want to be a part of your journey!

Photo Session

Our Signature Branding & Lifestyle Photography Session. If you’re looking to capture a quantity of high quality of images for brand &/or personal use, this session is for you!

Includes the following:
– 60 to 90 Minute Brand & Lifestyle Photoshoot
– Private Online Collection For Proofs & Gallery Downloads
– 15 High Resolution Digital Images
– Up to 3 Looks & 1 Location

Starting Investment | $350

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Who is this For?

For Business Owners, Brands, Agencies, Organizations, Groups, Communities, Corporations or any type of establishment that provides a service & working diligently towards fulfilling their mission.


When do you need it?

If you’re developing a new brand, rebranding an existing business, growing a community with content &/or your digital presence needs a fresh look, now is the time to book a Photo Session.


Where can you use it?

Images captured from the Photo Session can be best used for your company website, content for social media platforms, newsletters, blog posts, features, collaborations & any sort of marketing & promotional materials.


Why do you need it?

Establishing a strong digital brand presence with captivating imagery & valuable content will heighten the chances of attracting your ideal customers & growing an organic following that will bring fruitful experiences for brand.


Mini Session

A short, straight to the point & efficient portrait session. If you’re only interested in capturing a few headshots, this session is for you!

Includes the following:
– 30 Minute Portait Session
– Private Online Collection For Proofs & Gallery Downloads
– 6 High Resolution Digital Images
– 1 Look & 1 Location

Starting Investment | $250

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Who’s the Session For?

For Graduates, Freelancers, Agents, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Coaches, Consultants, Writers, Artists, Influencers or any working professionals needing headshots.


When do you need it?

If you’re in a transitional phase in your career, have grown within your expertise &/or your current headshots are outdated, now it’s the time to book a Mini Session .


Where can you use it?

Images captured from the Mini Session can be used for your social media profiles, website, resume/CV, media kits, flyers & any materials related to press, promotions, branding & marketing.


Why do you need it?

Professional images that best conveys who you are & the value you bring will increase the likelihood of attracting those fruitful opportunities that can potentially bring prosperity & life changing experiences for you.


Event Photography

If you’re looking for high quality images with a timeless & candid aesthetic for your next event, this package is for you!

Includes the following:
– 2 Hours Minimum of Shooting
– Private Online Collection & Digital Downloads
– 50 High Resolution Digital Images

Starting Investment | $650

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Who’s the Service For?

For Celebrations, Corporate Events, Conferences, Live Shows, Mixers, Galas, Fundraiser Events, Community Events, Brand Events, Intimate Gatherings, Showcases & more.


When do you need it?

If you’re in the process of planning, now is the time to book. We recommend to hire at least 3 weeks prior to your event date in order to ensure availability.


Where can you use it?

For brand purposes, these images will be great to use for your marketing needs. For personal use, you will always have profound moments to share & cherish.


Why do you need it?

Photographs document key moments in real time & are extremely valuable. Making the decision to invest in the right Event Photographer will be an essential part of your event down the line.


Book Multiple Sessions in Advance!

At TMH Creative, we understand the importance of always having to create consistent content for your brand. It can be overwhelming! Which is why we created these Bundle Photography Packages. By purchasing your photoshoots in advance, it eliminates the pressure & mental stress of having to always find dependable Brand Photographers you can trust to get the job done.

The benefits you’ll receive by purchasing a bundle:
– You will save money purchasing in bulk instead booking session by session.
– You can schedule your bookings at your own pace!
– You no longer have to worry about hiring a photography cause you decided to book your shoots in advance.
No need to sign a monthly contract. Just purchase your bundle & select the next available date to shoot until all your sessions run out. Afterwards, you can purchase another bundle when you’re ready!
These packages are for individuals & establishments that need an on-going photographer they can trust to be apart of their team.
Great for the following professionals: Brand Managers, Event Planners, Publicists, Bloggers, Real Estate Agents, Creative Directors, Coaches, Digital Influencers, or any type of Service-based Entrepreneur.
Great for the following establishments: Digital Marketing Agencies, PR Firms, Nonprofit Organizations, Lifestyle Brands, Real Estate Firms, Product-based Businesses & Service-based businesses.

Choose a Bundle Package That’s Right For You

Brand & Lifestyle Photography Bundle
Book multiple photo sessions in advance with a photographer who understands your vision. Ideal for brands looking to have consistent digital content for their social media profiles.

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Event Photography Bundle
Book multiple events in advance with a photography team you can trust. Ideal for those who constantly host big events without having that consistent high-quality documentation.

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