1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
Do you need a coach or mentor to help you through your entrepreneurial journey? Starting a business is tough and sometimes we need additional support. Book a 45-minute coaching session with me and I’d be happy to address any questions, concerns, or challenges you’re facing with growing a business that’s profitable and fulfilling to you.

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Online Course For Photographers
Are you a photographer struggling with getting bookings? This online course is specifically for photographers who are serious about growing their business and providing a quality service that their future clients will love and appreciate. I show you step-by-step how to establish a sustainable brand that will attract clients on a consistent basis.

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For New Brands & Solopreneurs
Self-Reflection Prompts
Do you have a new business idea you want to pursue? Before you start, take a moment to ask and reflect on these set of questions.

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Ultimate Brand Checklist
Are you a Solopreneur at the beginning stages of your business? This checklist provides clear actionable steps to help you grow your brand.

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For Photography Bosses
Attract More Clients
Do you want more photography clients? I have a list of 7 Clever Ways to Attract More Photography Clients for you to start implementing today!

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Photoshoot Checklist
Are you overwhelmed with staying on top of tasks for your business? I have an easy solution for you to start streamlining your photography workflow.

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Free Masterclass
Are you a photography hobbyist who wants to shoot full-time? Learn how to start & grow a sustainable business that’s fulfilling for you.

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